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Books: Lexicons and Word Study

Lexicons and Word Study:


Theological Dictionary of the New Testament:

One of the most widely-used and well-respected theological dictionaries ever created, TDNT is indispensible for studies in the Greek New Testament. Words were selected for inclusion in this dictionary based on their theological significance. The historical development and theological nuances of each word are exhaustively explored. This is what makes the TDNT so valuable to me: The authors trace usage in classical Greek literature, the Old Testament (LXX) and extrabiblical texts, and New Testament passages.

As you can see, TDNT (“Big Kittel”) is a massive reference work.  The full unabridged 9,081-page library comes in 10 volumes.


little-kittlesAn abridged edition of the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology—written for those with a limited knowledge of biblical Greek. All Greek words are transliterated into English and linked with their Goodrick/Kohlenberger numbers. Additionnaly, the Goodrick/Kohlenberger numbers are cross referenced with Strongs numbers making this boook invaluable as a one stop guide to important Greek words.

— Entries follow Goodrick-Kohlenberger numbering (Greek alphabetical order)
— Includes index of English words keyed to appropriate Greek entries
— Index of Scripture verses guide you to specific word studies
— Requires no knowledge of Greek
— Includes Goodrick-Kohlenberger-to-Strong’s and Strong’s-to-Goodrick-Kohlenberger indexes for easy cross-referencing.
— Draws on the most up-to-date evangelical scholarship