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"I see thirsty people."


My name is Jan Puterbaugh, I am a Pastor at LifePoint Christian Church in Lake Mary, Florida; retired Gulf War Army veteran; am very passionate about life and my family; and just recently became a Grandfather… 2008 (his name is Liam) and again in 2009 (His name is Aiden). AND….there are two more grandsons , Isaac (Dec 2010) and Rhys  (Jan 2011)! I have been married to my beautiful wife, Kelly, for over 30 years and have two wonderful daughters, Jessica and Shannon who are married to two wonderful sons-in-law (Mike and Tim respectively).

I was ordained in the Christian Church in Jan of 2007 after many years of passionate service. As the “Pastor of insane details”, otherwise known as “Associate Pastor”, I have been blessed to be a part of and serve a great faith community and family both at LifePoint and in our local communities of Sanford and Lake Mary. I don’t much care for religion, but I love Jesus, I love God and I love people with all my heart.

My deepest passion and calling in ministry is to work with people that are caught in the web of substance abuse and hopelessness.

I pray that you enjoy your stay here at LaleoCafe and that you come back often. These pages are a result of my daily studies. I believe that life is all about the conversation, therefore I encourage you to join the conversation here at LaleoCafe.

DISCLAIMER: These thoughts and words are a result of my study and my heart. They are not necessarily the official opinion of my employer, LifePoint Christian Church. I love to wrestle with Scripture….I only ask that our conversations be respectful and thoughtful. Just so you know….it is fine with me if we disagree. It is only through the conversation that we grow……Jesus taught us to ask, to seek and to knock…..that’s what I am doing.

Lastly, here are a few more of my passions:
— Scripture and study: My Bible (actually, my Bible’s) don’t sit on the shelf…God’s wisdom is committing to my heart.
— My lovely wife of over 30 years, Kelly and our growing family. I have two daughters, two wonderful sons-in-law and each has blessed us with two grandson each. I love being a grandfather!
— Coffee, breakfast in general, smoked ribs, and an occasional good German (or Irish) beer while we do our man thing out on the smoker.
— Guitar and Bass….I have a band called the Vicar Bry Band that plays for the homeless and less fortunate every Wednesday evening.
— Preaching…..hence the name Laleo Cafe. “Laleo” is Greek for “speak” or “preach”.
— I love orienteering….okay, most people don’t have a clue what that is….it’s map reading and land navigation with a compass and a map.
— Our little dog, Isaiah. He’s a Lhasa Apso mix…they were bred to be temple dogs and he is quite the little character.  If you come over, he’s cute and only weighs 11 pounds, but if you try to pet him before you know him…he’ll try to take some your character. We love the little guy..he’s a rescue….aren’t we all.
— Our other little dog, Charlotte. She is a Chihuahua/Shih Tzu  mix and is cute as a button! She will lick you to death (you will have clean feet when you leave our house) and interestingly enough, because of her mix, she has short hair…. but longer hairs on top giving her a natural mowhawk. We got her as a little tiny puppy.